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Thursday, 22 December 2016

How To Remove Superglue From Reading Glasses Intro

I forgot to do add Before and After pictures showing the superglue mess on a reading glass lens and its clean lens result.

Reading Glass Lens With Spilt Superglue On It

Reading Glass Lens After Superglue Removal
on my video:

How To Remove Superglue From Reading Glasses Lenses

I was really surprised at the result which I discovered carrying out another test.

Be aware cheap plastic sunglasses may be damaged by this process, these were a pair of cheap reading glasses with proper +2 plastic lenses in them.

How To Remove Superglue From Reading Glasses Lenses

How To Remove Superglue From Reading Glasses Lenses

People Often Try And Use Superglue To Repair

Reading Glasses

Sadly Superglue Has The Potential To Run And Leak Everywhere Leading To It Ending Up On The Lenses.  In This Video I Show How I Remove It Without  Ruining The Lenses - Using A Cheap Liquid

Please Note I do not warrant this processes or advise you do it, any damage caused by the viewer is their own responsibility, I take no responsibility for showing how I do it.


Tuesday, 13 December 2016

How To Restore Your Hand Made Chewed Up Plastic Dog Toys

How To Restore Your Hand Made Chewed Up Plastic Dog Toys

In my last video:

How To Make Your Own Christmas Plastic Dog Chew Toys

I showed how to make your own toys. In this video I'll show you how to restore the chewed ones to reshaped and revitalise them and remove any chewed sharpened points.

So The Toys Will Last A very Long Time - No More Need To Buy New Replacements.


It doesn't take our two sight hounds long to start chewing up new toys they can destroy shop bought toys in a matter of days leaving the bits scattered all over the house.

As you can see below they have already given the figure of eight I made

and the old re-vitalised bone I made:

a good chewing.

But as you saw in the above video, its easy to revitalise so the toys just go on working.  If you do end up throwing some of the badly chewed bits after, either deliberately or by vacuuming them up, then just add a few more Polymorph beads to the hot what to make up for the loss.


Monday, 12 December 2016

Amazon Has A Refurbished Technology Site

I've just stumble across a new Amazon Certified Refurbished technology site, which appears to offer high quality certified technology refurbished products for much less than their original 'New' technology prices.  It looks like a great place to look before ordering the NEW item to give you some idea of the used prices of things.

I've therefore included a link to it on the left hand vertical banner of this blog, it looks a bit like the picture included below.

I must get round to selling some of the refurbished technology I have repaired, modified and updated.

fixed1t Money Saving Tips

Regards fixed1t

How To Make Your Own Christmas Plastic Dog Chew Toys

How To Make Your Own Plastic Dog Chew Toys.  We all know they are great for  giving your dog(s) something to chew on so they aren't chewing on your furniture,  home or children.

Although they aren't expensive. They tend to be made from cheap non-recycleable plastics and choking rope threads.

The best way to control and save they money you spend on these items is to simply make your own plastic toys.  In this video I show you how to simply make your own with nothing more than a pan or cup of hot water and your imagination.

They Last For As Long As You Want - No More Buying new ones.


To find out more about Polymorph and where to buy it Clicl On The Link Below:

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Replacing The Dual Flush Toilet Flush Valve Seal Washer

As I showed in a previous video, a dribbling water flow into the toilet is often caused by a leaking scaled Flush Valve Seal Washer.

If this is the case in your Dual Flush Toilet and cleaning the washer doesn't help then rather than buying and entire Dual Flush unit, you can purchase a Flush Valve Seal Washer.

Dual Flush - Flush Valve Seal Washer
They are a fraction of the cost of an entire unit and as can be seen from my video, they are very easy to replace, saving you money on parts and a huge amount on Plumbers Labour costs.

Before purchasing a flush valve Seal Washer, open your toilet and identify the dual flush unit you have, so you can purchase the right washer.


Fixing Constantly Running Dual Flush Toilet By Replacing The Flap Valve ...

Fixing Constantly Running Dual Flush Toilet By Replacing The Flap Valve Washer
If your toilet continues to dribble constantly running water into the toilet bowl after it flushes and you can't here the refill valve refilling the cistern, then the flap valve is leaking.  This video shows you how to get to the flap valve to clean it or replace it, thereby solving the problem.


If the toilet continues to dribble then:

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